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Hello, my name is Arleen, I am a Vision Strategist. I utilize the transformational power of forgiveness to identify the narratives which inform the way you view yourself and others.  

Typically, there are two types of people: those who take ownership of their story, and those who allow external forces to shape the story for them. We may not get to decide our circumstances, but we do get to decide the meaning that we assign to them.

Vision Strategist

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Let's connect for 20 minutes to identify where you're at on your journey and help you connect the dots to create a life worth living. 

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My intuitive approach targets the gap between where you are on your journey and where your heart desires to be.  I focus on closing that gap. 

- Tamara W. 

Arleen has been inspirational in helping me to rebuild my confidence, prepping for interviews, and has provided practical applications for creating opportunities in my life through her mentorship, career and life coaching.

- shani a.

Arleen is probably one of the most passionate people I've met when it comes to building up others and finding practical ways to help further ones career, as well as helping one find passion for life in the process. 

- malena d.

Arleen is a true professional. Her "grace under pressure" demeanor is a welcome asset. I appreciate and value the work she has done for me in the past, and look forward to our continued collaboration. 

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