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I help people connect the dots to create a life worth living. My intuitive approach targets the gap between where you are on your journey and where you heart desires to be and together we focus on closing that gap. 

Arleen Milian

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We all have a divine purpose to fulfill. When we are willing to forgive ourselves and others, we unlock the portal to Infinite abundance of contentment, love and joy.


Mentoring, advocating, dancing, singing (badly), spending time with friends and family. 

you can find me:

Laughing, taking dance breaks (blasting disco & 80’s music), writing, visualizing, praying and meditation.


I have to be honest with you, though. I didn’t always believe this. I was one of those that made fun of people who read self-help books, practiced any sort of spirituality, and hired life coaches! I entertained quite a destructive path for many years which looked a lot like this...Running around at a million miles per hour to avoid sitting with myself and being present for my family. I justified my hectic schedule with the fact that I was a single-parent “providing” for my children. I was highly stressed and anxious. Validation from men, compulsive spending and “social drinking” were my go-to quick fixes.  

Many sleepless nights worrying about money and long days working and managing kid’s schedules caused me to hit what many refer to as a “physical bottom”, but looking back now it was my SPIRITUAL RE-AWAKENING. 

I believe that we each have gifts and talents that are unique to our Divine Purpose. 

It was my spiritual re-awakening. . .

I then remembered my abuelita go-to “pray for guidance” EXCEPT there was an issue, I put God on a time out in 2003. Some people refer to a Higher Power, others Universe, I say “God” for short-hand. 

I had no idea what next steps to take to start my healing journey.

And that I did… I read every personal development and spiritual book I could get my hands on. I did various modalities for trauma treatment. I applied the spiritual principles I was learning in my spiritual communities, including 12-step recovery. I threw myself into service to others. I earned my coaching certification. I attended every workshop and seminar I could, and I became obsessed with sharing everything that helped me to grow and heal. I did the work! 

My very wise mother told me that the best part about hitting bottom is that you can only go up from there.

Stuff beyond my wildest dreams. Healed my relationship with myself, God and loved ones. Took off the armor of resentments. Earn six-figures. Debt free! I have created a life worth living…

My intention is to empower you in all areas of your life. To help you look forward to waking up everyday because you have a purpose to fulfill…  

Never could I have imagined what my life looks like today.


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Lauryn Hill

90's Classic...

Donna Summer

Queen of Disco...

Maverick City

Soothes my Soul... 


My intention is to empower you in all areas of your life. To help you look forward to waking up everyday because you have a purpose to fulfill…  

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